I have just one thing to say about Alex Rodriguez: Why when the BEST (yes, better than DJ) shortstop and maybe even player in the game switches positions to join the Yankees (when he is Better than Jeter) and then he is the 2005 MVP and leads the team in RBI in 2006 he is hated by so many Yankee fans? In my opinion, if people boo and hate ARod, they aren’t really Yankee fans.



  1. Zack

    Totally agree. A-Rod will go down as one of the greatest players of all time. I know he says and does some putzy things, but c’mon, the guy deserves love. I strongly feel that people who boo him are not only insecure about their own loserness, but jealous of his success.

  2. Steve

    People expect way too much out of A-Rod. If he’s ever traded from the Yankees, and gets to play shortstop again, the Yankees will be like mad they let him go.


    excellent point on the 2005 AL MVP when he played out of his normal position

    A-Rod’s my favorite baseball player, and i also think that he’ll be back to normal in 2007 (which means he should have MVP numbers again)

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